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Flintlock Bow Tie, Peacock Pocket Square and Twilight Pin Set

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Product Details | The Flintlock bow tie, is made with peacock and guinea feathers, created the perfect black tie statement piece. Paired with our Peacock pocket square and Highlight Plum Thicket Pin, a true statement look is created.
  • No dyes are used, giving each piece a unique coloring. 
  • Feathers are all-natural and sustainably sourced.
  • Grosgrain fabric. 
  • Pocket squares are individually numbered. 

Packaged with Care | Both the Flintlock bow tie and Peacock pocket square arrive in a hand-branded, pine gift box. Each pin arrives in a hand stamped copper tin. 

Made in Charleston | Bow ties, pocket squares, and pins are handcrafted in Charleston, S.C. Every feather is hand selected by our artisans, making no two pieces exactly alike.